Distran Ultrasonic Leak Imaging

Opti-mize has a very divers program of inspection tools. Distran’s Ultra M ultrasound camera can detect leaks using ultrasound. This device has 124 integrated sensors which locate ultrasound emitted by leaks of all types of gases and vacuum. Leakages can be seen / recorder on the monitor. Want more info? Please contact us. 
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Ultra M
Inspection of gas leaks
Distran's Ultra M
Minor leaks were found at piping connections at 15 barg inside the container
Distran's Ultra M
GTs, silo burners, HRSGs, generators, gas distribution, compressed air system, filter house

The Ultra M ultrasonic camera

Incredible state of the art leakage detection device – ultrasound!

Sound is a highly regarded indicator by technicians to detect failures in industrial plants: during the inspection round, an experienced technician is able to compare the sound environment and determine whether something has changed and can indicate a growing gas leak for example. Distran is taking the analysis to the next level.
By automatically analyzing every surrounding sound, Distran devices are able to instantly map sound sources such as gas leaks from a safe distance. Listening to ultrasounds allows Distran Ultra M to disregard most of the normal background noise and to focus on gas leaks. The first of its type, world-wide, Distran Ultra M uses 128 ultrasound sensors combined with cutting-edge algorithms to analyze and locate gas leaks.

The Ultra M ultrasonic camera was developed in power plants in close cooperation with the companies Alstom and General Electric, it has been thoroughly tested and adapted to the high requirements.

Locate gas leaks 10x faster

Finding leaks in power plants is not an easy task: soap-spraying pipes or valves is time-consuming, sometimes dangerous, yet necessary to guarantee the safe functioning of a power plant. With Ultra M, nearby gas leaks are instantly detected and you can see them in real-time on the Ultra M screen.
The reliability of a power plant is key to its profitability. Unplanned outages are costly because of the additional maintenance costs, the inability to sell energy, and due to grid penalties. Amongst main causes of outages, leakage is a very common one with a high impact on power plant results. Brochure leakagedetection.

Distran Ultrasonic Leak Imaging

Distran Ultra M locates within seconds all leaks up to 20 meters distance, without being in contact with the gas. It works by detecting the ultrasonic signature of leakages due to the air turbulences created by the pressure drop.
As the world-first sensor of its type, Ultra M locates leaks even in the noisiest places, such as in gas turbine noise enclosures. One day is sufficient to cover the most critical elements in a power plant. Brochure power plants.

Multiple gases, one device

Methane, compressed air, hydrogen, vacuum, etc. Multiple gases are being used in power plants. Independent of the type of gas, Ultra M is the ideal solution to inspect your whole plant for leakages.
Leaks can be detected from a few meters, which reduces the need for climbing ladders or entering dangerous areas, thereby increasing the overall safety of the operator and reducing inspection time, not to mention the reduction of work permit necessity. Leak detection with Ultra M can be performed while machines are running, thus reducing the impact on operations.
Equipped with the sensor head in its backpack, a single operator can perform the inspection. Ultra M works like a digital camera: the user sees the output in real-time on the screen. The leaks are identified and located in real-time. In a single tap, the operator can take a picture or a video to keep track of the leak and later easily generate a report. Brochure cases: Engie and Energy 360°

Ultra M – the solution!

Distran Ultra M goes far beyond locating gas leaks — it enables to keep track in real-time of what you or your team discovers during inspections and share the findings amongst your team. We have put our expertise at your fingertips so you can manage your data seamlessly and save time.

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