Vizaar rigid borescopes

Vizaar can supply practically all rigid endoscopes that are conceivable. Rigid endoscopes are used in many industries for visual inspection. Inspecting any kind of engine or special needed solutions. The applications are countless. Manufactured with the best quality components and with the highest standards. 

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Borescopes from Ø 0,7 mm to 12 mm

Borescopes, sometimes referred to as „boroscopes“, are rigid optical devices with an optical lens on one side and an eyepiece on the other, linked by an optical system.

The Use of Borescopes

As the meaning “bore” implies, rigid endoscopes are mainly used for visual inspection in non-destructive testing in the automotive, engineering and aerospace industries. Due to their rigidity, the use of borescopes is limited to accessing testing areas that are straight lines. If this condition is not given, the inspection requires flexible endoscopes instead of rigid endoscopes.

Vizaar Ridgid borescopes / endoscopes

In order to guarantee the flawless operation of high-tech devices such as gears, motors, turbines and cooling units, a quality check through visual inspection with borescopes or rigid endoscopes is absolutely necessary.

Borescopes are used in foundries to inspect the castings, in the metal cutting industry to make sure the bores are burr-free, and also to inspect cavity sealing. Sometimes, borescopes are even used for maintenance work, to minimize long downtimes.  Additionally, rigid endoscopes can be used in the visual inspection of thermal insulation.

There is only a small entrance to your test object, but you still need significant visual results? In that case, our borescopes are the right tool for you!

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