HSW rigid borescopes

Henke Sass Wolf can supply all kinds of rigid endoscopes. Rigid endoscopes are used in many industries for visual inspection. Inspecting any kind of engine or special needed solutions. From locks to use in cavity wall inspection. The applications are countless. 
High quality from Germany

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Endoscopes for non-destructive testing of materials

Henke-Sass, Wolf develops and produces its own lens technology that creates brilliant images. The HSW rod lens system enables excellent resolution that significantly increases the reliability of test results. Our technical endoscopes are robust, highly resistant to media such as oil or fuel, and are also highly bend-resistant. Special adapters enable problem-free connection to cameras by numerous manufacturers.

Swing-Prism Borescopes

Borescopes with variable viewing direction, objective lens probe rotatable by 340°, focussing and optional zoom eyepiece for magnification allow inspections with continuous adjustment from 55°, slanted view ahead, to 115°, retrospective view. All settings are made on the eyepiece. Consequently, the instrument enables to carry out several inspection tasks in a flexible and fast way. Moreover, the viewing range is extended owing to the objective lens probe rotatable by 340°.


The new Henke-Sass, Wolf LED econoscope offers outstanding image quality, super-bright illumination, compact design and network and fiber optic independent operation – and all of it at an affordable price.

The super-bright miniature LED at the lens illuminates the very darkest corners. The extremely long service life of the LED means that replacing it is unnecessary. The brightness can be adjusted, so adapting the light intensity to suit different applications is no problem. A powerful lithium-ion storage battery enables network-independent operation. Like all Henke-Sass, Wolf endoscopes, the device can also be extended into a complete video-endoscope using the HSW video kit. 

Standard design (contained in the basic set) 

  • Combined transformer/charger in Euro plug enclosure, connection 220 V (others on request) 

Econoscope designs

  • Diameter: 9 mm and 5 mm
  • Working length: 275 mm (9 mm), 350 mm (5 mm)
  • Direction of view 90°

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