Vizaar Visio documentation system

The German Vizaar has been providing high-quality inspection systems since 1997. Thanks to high investments in innovation, they are now at the world top. Inspecting turbine engines, gas engines, diesel engines, pipes in the food and pharma. Vizaar Visio documentation system is a superb documentation inspection product.

has a very divers video borescopes program
Vizaar videoscopes
Up to 30 meters length
Easy to handle
Perfect for various situations

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Vizaar Visio documentation system

The videoscope system which allows you to display images, to document data and much more thanks to the documentation system INVIZ® MATRIX and the INVIZ® VUMAN® videoscope.

The VISIO documentation system

This multimedia case allows you to visualize your inspection in live, to save photos and videos then to analyze them. Compact, portable and autonomous, the VISIO DOC is an intuitive videoscope system which will facilitate your inspections.

The performing and versatile inspection processor

Connect your  VISIO BOX videoscope to a monitor or a PC to display your inspection, you can also connect it to a documentation system such as the INVIZ® MATRIX or the INVIZ® VUMAN® videoscope for further inspections.

The interchangeable VISIO P2 probes

Connect your interchangeables VISIO P2 probes to the documentation systems VISIO DOC or INVIZ® MATRIX, to the VISIO BOX processor or to the INVIZ® VUMAN® videoscope for more performing inspections. The articulated VISIO P2 probes are available in different diameters from 3,7 mm up to 6,0 mm and lengths from 1,2 m up to 6,6 m.

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