Vizaar Vucam XO / XO+ video borescope

The German Vizaar has been providing high-quality inspection systems since 1997. Thanks to high investments in innovation, they are now at the world top. Inspecting turbine engines, gas engines, diesel engines, pipes in the food and pharma. Vizaars video borescopes are used for inspecting deviations in welds to use in customs activities. The applications are countless.

Vizaar Vucam XO / XO+
6mmØ and up to 6.6 meters
Vizaar videoscopes
For all inspections a solution
Easy to handle
Perfect for various situations

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Portable videoscope with touch screen and modern GUI for Remote Visual Inspection (RVI)

The robust videoscope with an up to 130° articulating video probe and high power LED illumination for industrial Remote Visual Inspection (RVI). The videoscope VUCAM® XO/XO+ provides you with a precise touch screen and a modern graphic user interface. With backbuffer recording, you won’t miss any important inspection detail. When passing the important spot, you don’t need to re-enter the application and search. Videoscope VUCAM® XO/XO+ is recording the last 15 seconds of your Remote Visual Inspection (RVI) by activating and stopping the recording. Save time on your videoscopy. The smart data management and the robust video probe of the videoscope VUCAM® XO/XO+ are enabling easy Visual Testing (VT).

Precise touch screen and modern GUI

High resolution 5.7″ touch screen with LED backlight illumination and 640 x 400 px image resolution, easy graphic user interface and smart data management. The transreflective, free tilt display can be operated with working gloves.

Digital documentation via touch screen and fast access buttons

Don’t miss important inspection details. Don’t start searching. Activate backbuffer recording and save the last 15 seconds of inspection as digital video data. Images and videos are stored to an external SD card for fast result processing. The videoscope VUCAM® XO/XO+ enables the data recall of the last saved inspection file.

Robust video probe with up to 130° videoscope articulation

The robust 6 mm video probe of the videoscope VUCAM® XO/XO+ enables safe Remote Visual Inspections (RVI) in harsh industrial environment. The videoscope VUCAM XO/XO+ provides best illumination due to the high power LED light source. Probe articulation up to 130° and the range of working lengths from 2,2 m to 6,6 m provide access to all areas of your application.

Robust videoscope construction for the industry

The robust carbon construction with bumper protector and the aluminium handle with fast access buttons are designed for industrial environment. The videoscope VUCAM® XO/XO+ provides independent Remote Visual Inspections (RVI) with its battery operation.

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