GE XL Lv video borescope

The GE Inspection Technologies video endoscope range is very wide. From handheld to high end systems. The handheld video endoscopes from GE are of extremely high quality which are constantly being developed. Touch screen and an easy user interface. The GE XL Lv are available in 4 mm, 6.1 mm and 8.4 mm diameter and probes from 2 meters to 10 meters in length.

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GE Videoscope XL Lv Videoscopes

Protect valuable industrial assets and lower maintenance costs with powerful and accurate video borescope inspection technology. The XL Lv video borescopes offer unmatched image quality and powerful light output to help improve Probability of Detection (POD) and increase inspection efficiency. Stereo measurement combined with a lightweight and ruggedly portable design ensures that proactive maintenance decisions can be made on the spot based on highly accurate measurement results.
The XL Lv offers even more visual accuracy with a 5” LCD screen and a 3X brighter display to offer true peace of mind. With 16 GB of internal memory, XL Flex+ can store up to 15 MDI 2.0 templates. Both models come equipped with Menu Directed Inspection (MDI) 2.0, an intuitive application that guides users to automatically tag images and organize results for simplified reporting.

Highly accurate measurements yield results

Improved efficiency means increased productivity. Perform remote visual inspections quickly and accurately using the most thoughtfully designed video borescope on the market. Unmatched light output and a 3X brighter display in the XL Lv ensure accurate measurements and reduced eye strain.
GE borescope inspection experts are available for on-demand support anywhere, anytime. Rest assured that you will get all of your toughest inspection questions and valuable assets will continue to experience the highest levels of protection.

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