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RF SystemLab has a wide range of videoscopes which can be used in all kinds of industries

VJ Advanced
2.8mm diameter – 1 meter lenght – brochure
3.9mm diameter – 1.5 and 3 meter lenght – brochure
6.9mm diameter – 1.5 – 3 – 5 and 8 meter lenght – brochure


Portable videoscopes with 3.5 inch color LCD display
360o joystick control with 120o articulating tip
Photo and video storage on micro SD card
Steel braided tube in diverse lenghts (2.8mm: polyethylene)
Weight 570g
Powered by 4 AA batteries
USB output
Microphone input
2 x digital zoom
Temperature display
For more details we refer to the brochures above

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VJ Standard
6.9mm diameter – 1.5 and 3 meter lenght – brochure

This videoscope has a smaller monitor and a polyurethane insertion tube.


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