Ridgid borescopes

Opti-mize can supply practically all rigid endoscopes that are conceivable. Rigid endoscopes are used in many industries for visual inspection. Inspecting car engines, turbine engines, gas engines, diesel engines. From locks to use in cavity wall inspection. The applications are countless. Opti-mize specializes in tailoring specialized rigid endoscopes. You can come and have a look at our factory in the Netherlands by appointment.

The Brands


Vizaar has been providing high-quality inspection systems since 1997. Thanks to high investments in innovation, they are leading in RVI solutions.


Opti-mize was founded in 2011. As a Dutch company, we are proud that hundreds of customers worldwide use our customized solutions.

Henke Sass Wolf

Henke Sass Wolf has a very wide range of industrial rigid endoscopes. From micro to swivel prism rigid borescopes.

We deliver practically all brands and solutions:
Storz (German)
Optim (American)
Heine (German)

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